New Sites

VidiSmart is our LiquidFrame 3.0 flagship site launched in 2012. Here you can view a live  demonstation of a webpage that doubles as an app. The zones and regions of the site automatically collapse and expand on demand to fit the device.

Smartphone? No problem. Tablet computer; what size would you like?

But event better than the mobile format is the WIDEScreen version for the living room PCs and SmartTVs. VidiSMART is the first design that functions properly for 1080P WideScreens. Using VidiSmart technology your site can now be viewed as a channel on more than 50 million SmartTVs in living rooms around the world.

Superior App Alternative

Many companies have opted to spend thousands of dollars building custom apps for tablets, iPhones, iPads, different Android platforms, GoogleTV and 7 different SmartTV platforms. Now for the first time using LiquidFrame 3.0 your site can do all of that and more from a single platform. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it

This cliche was clearly overlooked when the app bandwagon came to town, but don't fall for the nonsense. Your site can be viewed properly on all mobile devices, if you just have the right technology.

Key Feature Site Usage
LiquidFrame 3.0 Playback on SmartTV, tablet and smartphone
Portfolio Instant Full-Screen Picture Gallery
Context Dynamic Layouts per Page

ActRx Limited

ActRx is the newest proprietary, Patent-Pending ACT formulation, designed by researchers from the United States and Asia for the treatment of Malaria, both severe and uncomplicated.

The Company has discovered that the Treatment was also effective on many cases involving Dengue Fever and Dysentery.

Key Feature Site Usage
TranslateNOW Instant total site translation into 54 different languages
Photo Gallery Instant Full-Screen Picture Gallery
Case Studies Custom profiles for interactive case studies
Conversion of Power Point > Slideshow Instant Playback from all browsers
Mobile Format - LiquidFrame 2.0 Instant conversion to all mobile formats
IP Geolocation Automatically identifies geographic location of each user
Video HD videos in Adobe Flash and MP4 format
Global News Feed Aggregate RSS Feed - Industry News

Atlas Towing

Atlas Towing is the Award Winning leader in Florida for prompt affordable towing. We offer all classes of service - light, medium and heavy-duty. We offer towing and recovery for cars, buses, trucks, and construction vehicles of all sizes.

Key Feature Site Usage
Mobile Access Mobile Friendly Site
3D Slideshow Instant Full-Screen 3-D Slideshow
Custom Background Full Size custom theme
Phone Click Mobile calling by click
Custom Taxonomy Keyword index in Google compatible RDFa format
Custom Graphics Front Page Composite
Copywriting & SEO Custom page content

ActRx Foundation

Global Cure Foundation for Malaria and Dengue Fever

Donations and funding for the cure of malaria and dengue fever.

The ActRx Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit foundation that has brought together a group of highly-skilled professionals, passionate and dedicated to the discovery of medical breakthroughs that can save human lives.

As medical technology advances, and clinical studies are rapidly demonstrating formidable proof of new treatments, The Foundation is driven to provide global funding and distribution solutions.

Key Feature Site Usage

Taboo Social Network

SocialWrapper was used for a promotions at the world famous Taboo Restaurant on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida.

Online Social Network with private invitation and VIP party club. Extended social media through custom Facebook App.

Key Feature Site Usage
Facebook App Direct Feedback through Facebook
Mailing List Group Blast - Managed Directly from site
Comments Managed User Comments
Custom Invites Exclusive Graphic Design
Custom HTML e-mail e-Mail Blast
Graphic Picture Gallery Slideshow
Social Page Photography Live shoot
Social Media Integrated campaign


VidiJazz is the first channel just for jazz music.

Social video networks are the new broadcast method. All traffic goes over the Internet with interactive capabilities.

The site features live concert footage, reports from jazz events and discount ticket packages for members to purchase online.

Key Feature Site Usage
Celebrity Interviews
Superstar Footage
Music Exclusives
Discount Tickets


Video and social media cover the world. The Internet is far bigger than TV with new methods for sharing it. The smart strategy for grabbing a following with social media is sometimes more obvious than they seem. Allowing users with many followers to share links and content is one way to leverage a quick and widespread future. Of course, the content must be quality if one is to share it.

ScaleJacker is a website for Daily Social Media News.

Key Feature Site Usage
RSS Grabber
Feed Mapping to Fields
Mobile Formatting


Site Listing

Key Feature Site Usage


Sports Team website showcasing channels for Fantasy Leagues.

Key Feature Site Usage


Showcase site for charities and global causes to promote their ongoing activites and attract donations from donors.

Key Feature Site Usage
Event Videos
Donation Pages
Capital Campaign
Event Sponsor Pages