VidiSmart is our LiquidFrame 3.0 flagship site launched in 2012. Here you can view a live  demonstation of a webpage that doubles as an app. The zones and regions of the site automatically collapse and expand on demand to fit the device.

Smartphone? No problem. Tablet computer; what size would you like?

But event better than the mobile format is the WIDEScreen version for the living room PCs and SmartTVs. VidiSMART is the first design that functions properly for 1080P WideScreens. Using VidiSmart technology your site can now be viewed as a channel on more than 50 million SmartTVs in living rooms around the world.

Superior App Alternative

Many companies have opted to spend thousands of dollars building custom apps for tablets, iPhones, iPads, different Android platforms, GoogleTV and 7 different SmartTV platforms. Now for the first time using LiquidFrame 3.0 your site can do all of that and more from a single platform. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it

This cliche was clearly overlooked when the app bandwagon came to town, but don't fall for the nonsense. Your site can be viewed properly on all mobile devices, if you just have the right technology.

Key Feature Site Usage
LiquidFrame 3.0 Playback on SmartTV, tablet and smartphone
Portfolio Instant Full-Screen Picture Gallery
Context Dynamic Layouts per Page