ActRx Limited


ActRx is the newest proprietary, Patent-Pending ACT formulation, designed by researchers from the United States and Asia for the treatment of Malaria, both severe and uncomplicated.

The Company has discovered that the Treatment was also effective on many cases involving Dengue Fever and Dysentery.

The unique, ActRx combination formula is composed of three primary ingredients that contain the highest concentrated forms of the active ingredients from the Artemisia Annua plant which contains Artemisinin in the form of Artesunate, the Barberry Root which contains Berberine Extract and ActRx licensed and Patented Artemether Sublingual Spray, produced in an Alkaloid form. All ingredients have a history of over 2,000 years of successful and safe human use for treating fevers and infections. The primary form of ingestion is tablets of Artesunate and Berberine and ActRx Artemether Sublingual Spray, all taken orally.

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