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SEO Optimized Media

1 Your site is more than text. SocialWrapper uses a next-generation universal meta SEO bridge that works for all types of content, not just text. With millions of sites in every category multimedia is the best method to get your site at the top and to keep it there. The combination of all media together determines your page rank. The SocialWrapper system is state-of-the-art for maximum results with all your content. And best of all, the system is installed automatically without costly custom programming.

Impulse Publishing

2 Video is the the most powerful media you can offer. SocialWrapper delivers in all formats -Windows, Mac and HTML 5 video formats for iPhone and iPad. Picture galleries are available in 6 different formats including Flash, JQuery, 3D Wall and HTML 5. It's now easier than ever to have a great site with all the resources required for success. Difficult solutions are not repeatable and don't work. Your company needs a solution that is simple. You need SocialWrapper if you operate a website that needs results.

LiquidFrame 3.0

3 If your site isn't optimized for mobile you're missing more than half of your customers. Increasingly viewers are watching your content on Android, Apple iOS phones and tablets. SocialWrapper automatically works on all devices without having to build an app. SmartTV, tablet or smartphone, your site still looks great with readable text at any size. Pictures adapt, text resizes and videos fill the screen. It's the magic of Liquid Frame 3.0.

Mobile & Smart

4 More than 50% of your web traffic now comes from mobile devices. If your site isn't mobile enabled you're losing business. But on the other end of the spectrum, big video is on the rise too. Millions of new SmartTV sets will be looking at your site too? Your site needs to look great on every screen from 4 inches to 40 feet. LiquidFrame 3.0 automatically adjusts your site content for any device. Fluid graphics respond to any size. Videos and text columns collapse and expand automatically. Menus adjust, pictures resize and the user experience is consistently optimized. At last, a system that looks great without custom programming.


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Brave New Internet

Master the Brave New Internet. Everything internet gets easier when you integrate. Social media, video & e-commerce belong on your site....

12 Threads

The 12 Threads of SocialWrapper are an important part of any breakfast. OK, maybe not breakfast, but they certainly make the difference for a...

Dynamic Content

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Add video, picture galleries, e-commerce and social media with ease. It's easier than ever to have your site look GREAT. All content here was...

Example Sites

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VidiSmart uses SocialWrapper, a new web platform for instant, beautiful websites that are loaded with all the latest features and apps. See it...


Watch a video below. Notice how it automatically scales to fit the size of your screen. And if you need to get in shape there is no better way than the revolutionary BodyBeam. You need to get your hands on one yesterday.

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Ready to use styled pages and elements

Our system uses pre-defined styles for fast launch and easy adjustment. No system in existence compares to the SocialWrapper Impulse Content system. Your logo will grace the opening page and the site will launch.

quality assured

SocialWrapper is the social network that means business. Get constant Global Customer Flow using the 12 Threads

LiquidFrame HTML5 Design

LiquidFrame 2.0 instantly transforms your site for mobile devices. iOS Apple, no problem. Android tablets, your site will look fantastic. The UI even collapses and expands to fit portrait and landscape rotation modes. learn more

Many fonts included

Choose the style that works best for your brand. Over 1200 fonts to choose from.